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Peacock Capital Advisors Group facilitates the development of productive business ties and financial advisory services, roadshows and organizing trade missions to and from Africa.

Bridging Partnerships to Africa

We provide financial engineering and restructuring solutions for the growing market of alternative funding sources. This allows great opportunities for companies in Africa to implement the best cost-effective funding structures to support the requirements of their businesses.

Innovative Financing

We are a member of the USA Africa Chamber of Commerce. Peacock Capital Advisors Group is a reliable partner that provides strong financial services and adequate strategic advice to helping clients take advantage of investment opportunities in Africa while achieving excellent results.


In strategy, our advisory services include : Strategic alternatives analysis for African Businesses. Peacock Capital Advisors Group works with


We define strategies to assist governments in solving economic crisis and resuming an accelerated growth to improve


Peacock Capital Advisors Group brings together highly qualified professionals and offer productive platforms for exchange. Our team


PCAG is a leading advisor and implementer of commodity market solutions for clients in Sub-Saharan Africa.  Our

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Peacock Capital Advisors Group

“Bridging partnerships and doing business in Africa”

Peacock Capital Advisors Group (PCAG) specializes in consultancy, business and financial advisory services. Doing business in Africa is prone to multi-faceted challenges, with complex and sometimes duplicitous laws and regulations, tariff and non-tariff barriers to trade, socio-economic and cultural complexities and red tape. With a seasoned team of business, public policy, academic and civil society professionals, extensive professional and personal relationships, and in-depth knowledge across regional markets, PCAG is ideally position to enable its clients to navigate the complex business landscape on the African continent.

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The Forum of Chicago

The Forum of Chicago was organized in parallel with the invitation of President Abdoulaye Wade of Senegal by the Governor of Illinois, Patrick Quinn. It served as a platform for the Senegalese private sector and the American business community to meet and discuss opportunities across a large range of industries.

" Destination Africa " Conference

Peacock Capital Advisors Group President Mr. Magatte Diop, partnered with US investors and the government of Senegal to organize an unprecedented global investment management conference in West Africa and thereby provided a platform for exchange and future business partnerships.

Message from the President

To governments, non-profit organizations and businesses looking to do business in Africa, Peacock Capital Advisory Group (PCAG) has an extensive network developed over the years working on Wall Street (and the City of London), at Fortune 500 companies, with leading NGO’s, and with governments in Africa.
We have developed alliances in Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana, Senegal, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Morocco, Togo, Mali, and in the US to ensure a continental coverage to effectively assist companies and clients in any area of the continent they wish to do business.
I invite you for a no-fee consultation to learn more about our value proposition and explore if there is scope to assist you in creating long-term sustainable business on the African continent.


Magatte Diop

Our staff have more than 115 Years

Combined Experience

Our Management Team

We are a team composed of experience, professionalism and cultural sensitivity dedicated to delivering expertise in international finance, banking, real estate, non-governmental organizations, governance, insurance and construction.

Ms. Assana Alio

Managing Director

Mr. Karim Diop

Senior Consultant

Mr. Kwame Marfo

Senior International Consultant

Ms. Amy Marie Herrick

International Consultant

Mr. Ousmane Ndiaye

Senior Consultant

Mr. Abdoulaye Agne

Senior Consultant

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Thank you for your interest in Peacock Capital Advisors Group. Please contact us using the information below. To locate contacts in our offices, visit our office websites. For additional information on our management consulting services or our industry expertise, please visit the appropriate page on our site. To get the latest updates from Peacock Capita Advisors Group, connect with us on social media.

"We partner with corporation, governments and global investors, to address complex business challenges"

Peacock Capital Advisors Group

"We help manage risks for our clients doing business in Africa"

Mr. Magatte Diop


"Dedicated to excellent financial services and adequate strategic business advice"

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