Grow Your Business

Peacock Capital Advisors Group facilitates the development of productive business ties and financial advisory services, roadshows and organizing trade missions to and from Africa.

Bridging Partnerships to Africa

We provide financial engineering and restructuring solutions for the growing market of alternative funding sources. This allows great opportunities for companies in Africa to implement the best cost-effective funding structures to support the requirements of their businesses.

Innovative Financing

We are a member of the USA Africa Chamber of Commerce. Peacock Capital Advisors Group is a reliable partner that provides strong financial services and adequate strategic advice to helping clients take advantage of investment opportunities in Africa while achieving excellent results.


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67 Cité SAGEF 1, Yoff /Ouest Foire
BP 50113 Dakar
Phone: +221 33 865 24 31

215 West 95th Street, Suite 16F
New York, NY 10025
Phone: +1 (212) 300 4365